Toyota Crown Royal Saloon For Sale In Myanmar


Toyota Crown Royal Saloon is the longest running series and produced by Toyota; production of the first generation began in 1955. Now it is in the fourteenth generation. The Toyota Crown is a line of mid-size luxury sedans by Toyota primarily aimed at the Japanese market and sold in other select Asian markets. Its traditional competitors in Japan and Asia have been the Nissan Cedric/Gloria/Fuga and the Honda Legend, along with the defunct Mazda Luce, Isuzu Bellel, and Mitsubishi Debonair.

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Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Safety Review

Toyota City, Japan, May 9, 2014―Toyota Motor Corporation’s "Crown Royal Saloon" has received the Grand Prix award for highest-ever safety performance under the Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) vehicle-safety evaluation tests. The vehicles received the top score from among 40 vehicles tested since the program was introduced in April 2011. With an impact-absorbing body, a high-rigidity cabin, seven airbags, and front- and rear-seatbelt reminders as standard features, the Crown Royal offers a superb level of occupant protection. In addition, in the unfortunate event of a collision with a pedestrian, the body structure helps reduce injury to the head and legs, and a pop-up hood (on hybrid models) further reduces potential injury to the head. The vehicles also have many advanced preventative safety features such as a Pre-collision System with enhanced brake assist, Intelligent Clearance Sonar to help mitigate potential damage resulting from pedal misapplication, and the Adaptive High-beam System that blocks out certain portions of high beams to aid the visibility of drivers of preceding or oncoming vehicles.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Engine Specifications

Depending on the models, the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon is available different engines such as 2.0 L 8AR-FTS I4 engine, 2.5 L 4GR-FSE V6 and 2.5 L 2AR-FSE I4 (Hybrid) engine, 3.0 L 3GR-FSE V6, 3.5 L 2GR-FSE (Hybrid) V6,4.6 L 1UR-FSE V8 engine. Drive is channelized to all four wheels through a four-wheel drive system. It provides 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 speed auto transmission and 5 speed for both auto and manual transmission.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Interior Design

The Toyota Crown Royal Saloon helps you adventure in luxury with features like wood trims paneling and rear seats are covered in leather. Standard features on the Crown include 3-zone climate control, satellite navigation, cruise control, 8 airbags, and power front seats with memory package. Features on the higher end Royal Saloon include larger wheel and tires, a pre-collision detection system as standard and heated front seats as standard. Features on the highest end Royal Saloon G includes leather upholstery, 4-zone climate control, rear seats climate controls, power rear seats as standard, side airbags as standard (12 airbags total) and a sunroof as standard. Options include premium leather upholstery, rear comfort package, automatic windshield wipers, anti-glare rearview mirror, pre-collision detection system, intelligent sonar sensors, adaptive cruise control, rear seat entertainment system, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, rear power seats, rear left and right SRS side airbags, rear control console, and a power moonroof.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Exterior Design

The exterior of the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon features a unique design language. The front end houses sleek narrow sharp trapezium styled side swept headlights with incorporated daytime running lights, a large sharp aggressively designed grille with a chrome accent and dual circular fog lights. The rear end houses large sharp trapezium styled side swept tail lights. All variants of the Toyota Crown feature identical styling in every aspect. The overall exterior of the Toyota Crown features a unique and distinctive design language that allows it to stand out amongst its rivals.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Color Options

The available Toyota Crown Royal Saloon colors in Myanmar car market are:

  • Black
  • Pearl White
  • Silver
  • White
  • Gray
  • Dark Blue
  • Blue

Among them, the popular colour choice are pearl silver, pearl white, white and black. The rest are pretty rare as most dealers would rather deal with the popular colour.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Dimensions

Overall dimension of Toyota Crown Royal Saloon:

  • Length : 4,915 mm
  • Width : 1,860 mm
  • Height : 1,470 mm
  • Wheelbase : 2,860 mm

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Weakness

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon is a fairly expensive luxury sedan either it is new or used. As with age on these types of cars, maintenance costs would be surely on the expensive side.

What makes you choose the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon?

For those who are expecting something exciting, please find something else as the Crown does its best in one aspect: pampering the passengers. Giving the car some push will require some effort but you wouldn't mind it after all. Handling is decent for a car this size with the predictable body roll. The Toyota Crown Royal Saloon has a storied heritage and its reputation for durability, reliability, and off-road capability makes it an icon in the auto industry.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Prices

The Toyota Crown Royal Saloon does come in a range of different models and styles to match the budget of any buyer. We have a range of models from 2001 through to 2009 in Myanmar Market. And the price ranges are around 200 Lk Kyats to 1200 Lk Kyats.

Alternatives to Toyota Crown Royal Saloon in Myanmar

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon rivals models are:

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Most Recent Models for sales in Myanmar

  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2009 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2008 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2006 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2005 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2004 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2003 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2002 Model
  • Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 2001 Model