Toyota Crown Majesta For Sale In Myanmar


The Toyota Crown Majesta was manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It is a full-size flagship premium luxury automobile and appeared appeared in the year 2013 after the international introduction of the Toyota Celsior /Lexus LS. The Toyota Crown Majesta is the fifth iteration of the super-Crown and wears a longer wheelbase and subtle styling differences over the standard car. The Features of Majesta include a 3.5-liter hybrid system that combines exceptional environmental performance with outstanding driving characteristics, as well as an extended wheelbase―75 mm longer than the "Royal" and "Athlete" ―for more rear space and a more graceful and flowing side view.

Key Features Review

Interior Design
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Toyota Crown Majesta Safety Review

All models in the Crown Majesta range are available with Ten SRS airbags, including rear-seat side airbags, are standard on all models and a stereo camera which can detect pedestrians in front of the vehicle, with a warning displayed to the driver when necessary. Available safety features include blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and a 360-degree camera. World-first Front-side Pre-crash Safety System (part of overall Pre-crash Safety System) uses millimeter-wave radar to detect probable front-side collisions at intersections with good visibility and world-first Pre-crash Seat backs bring reclined rear seats to an upright position when the vehicle's Pre-crash Safety System detects a high probability of a front- or rear-end collision, thereby positioning rear occupants appropriately to lessen injuries caused by impact.

Toyota Crown Majesta Engine Specification

The Majesta features a 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine with next-generation D-4S (direct injection four-stroke gasoline engine, superior version) fuel injection technology. The new Majesta features improvements to the motor, inverter, and other major components and an exclusive rear-wheel-drive hybrid system that pursues the highest possible efficiency. The result is class-leading environmental performance. A lower-front grille shutter opens and closes according to vehicle speed and engine water temperature, thereby contributing to improved fuel economy by reducing air resistance and improving engine warm-up efficiency. The Majesta comes in both two and four wheel drive platforms. The two-wheel drive models boast a 4.6l V8 engine, paired with an 8 Super ECT transmission. The 4.3l V8 and 4.6l V8 engines used on the four-wheel drive versions are fitted with advanced D-4S fuel injection system, coupled with electronically-controlled Variable Valve Timing-intelligent system (VVT-iE).

Toyota Crown Majesta Interior Design

The interior design incorporates shapes and handiwork infused with traditional Japanese aesthetic motifs (such as layers and overlapping patterns) that show refinement, contrasting with the modern Toyota Multi-Operation Touch control unit. The Majesta achieves a harmony between these aspects to deliver a progressive interior that integrates tradition with innovation. Sunburst wood grain ornamentation patterned after zelkova tree growth rings and circular patterns can be found throughout the interior, with the steering wheel also layered with rigorously-selected leather for the highest quality texture possible. Front seat backs feature the wood grain to create horizontal continuity with the rear seat door trim, emphasizing the Majesta's roominess. The rear seat center armrest and rear air conditioning vent covers are also ornamented with the wood grain pattern to give elegance to the rear of the cabin. Rear seats are shaped to provide a sense of security with an enveloping design, and also feature a trim extending to shoulder height to accentuate design continuity. Rear doors are illuminated and change color to provide rear seat passengers with a relaxed environment suited to different situations, such as during vehicle ingress and egress, as well as when driving. Seat coverings are available in two types of leather 4, Black and Flaxen, to provide an air of luxury with high-quality, elegant fabric.

Toyota Crown Majesta Exterior Design

The crown-reminiscent grille emphasizes the low center of gravity and stable vehicle structure with a thicker front bumper, boldly-placed vertical bars, a lower position, and chrome ornamentation on the bottom edge. Four powerful LED headlamps convey the intrepid stature of the Majesta. Black headlamp extensions and line-shaped smoked-blue illuminated clearance lamps further highlight the Majesta's uniqueness. Rocker panels with chrome ornamentation showcase the Majesta's low center of gravity, while also emphasizing the sharp yet extended appearance of the side view. Based on the Toyota brand "Vibrant Clarity" design philosophy, horizontal accents create a flowing silhouette, while the long wheelbase generates a style both commanding in appearance and expressive of vitality. The wide instrument panel creates expansiveness, while individual components from the center cluster to the console are clear-cut, emphasizing the quality of the materials used. The steering wheel, shift knob and ornament panel feature carefully selected, fine-grain wood to create a luxurious cabin atmosphere.

Toyota Crown Majesta Color Options

The available Toyota Crown Majesta color in Myanmar car market are:

Among them, the popular colour choice are Pear White. The rest are pretty rare as most dealers would rather deal with the popular colour.

Toyota Crown Majesta Dimensions

Overall dimension of Toyota Crown Majesta:

  • Length : 5,165 mm (203.3 in)
  • Width : 1,910 mm (75.2 in)
  • Height : 1,525 mm (60.0 in)
  • Wheelbase : 3,225 mm (127.0 in)

Toyota Crown Majesta Prices

We have a range of models from 1999 through to 2007 in Myanmar Market. And the price ranges are around 150 Lk Kyats to 400 Lk Kyats. Overall price of the Toyota RAV4 Generation is fairly competitive when compared to other models in the same class available in the local market.

Alternatives to Toyota Crown Majesta in Myanmar

The Toyota Crown Majesta rivals models are:

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