Toyota Caldina For Sale In Myanmar


The Toyota Caldina is a mid-size station wagon car and was manufactured by the automaker Toyota. It replaced the Toyota Carina Surf. Toyota Caldina has three generations and first generation is as a 5-door wagon (1992–1997). Second generation as Active Sports GT with the 3S-GE engine (1997-2002). Third generation as pure sports wagon (2002 - 2007). The Toyota Caldina has produced this vehicle brilliantly with complete good quality features. There are various grades for the three generation of Toyota Caldina. The first generation of Toyota Caldina has ZL grade and second generation has X, Z, ZL Edition and Z S Edition. For the third generation Toyota Caldina, there are three grades such as ZL, ZT and GT-4.

Key Features Review

Interior Design
Exterior Design
Safety Performance
Value for money

Toyota Caldina Safety Review

The Toyota Caldina is equipped with more and rear limited-slip differential Torsen, due to which the nature of the drive rod becomes more athletic. Moreover, the Passenger Safety Toyota Caldina provided front and side airbags, ABS system with integrated brake-force distribution EBD as well as the auxiliary braking system Brake Assist. Among other things, the car is equipped with stability control.

Toyota Caldina Engine Specifications

Toyota Caldina has various engines such as 1.5L, 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.2L.The latest models of Toyota Caldina: GT-FOUR has set 260-horsepower 2-liter, turbo engine - a top level. The cost of these versions, the name of which is borrowed from the legendary racing models 80 Celica GT-FOUR, almost twice the price of the basic Caldina, but it is still one of the most affordable sports wagon. In this series, there is a division into its subversion. For example, in the configuration “GT-FOUR N edition” the letter N is an abbreviation of the name of the Nürburgring race track and, therefore, a special filling, including a suspension with even more sophisticated in terms of sports settings, sport seats, steering wheel, special tires, the original kit, xenon headlights, powered, climate control, CD-player, CD-changer, and other attributes of the luxury car. Motor number reduced to three engines. All these are gasoline 4-cylinder in-line engines.

Toyota Caldina Interior Design

The Toyota Caldina has a more luxurious interior, especially with regard to expensive versions remained unchanged policy of creating the modification of a number of Caldina,which includes cars with engines of 1.8 and 2 liters. The Toyota Caldina has great roomy and comfortable seats that give a joyful drive to the driver and passengers. The interior look is pretty classy as well as high quality.

Toyota Caldina Weakness

Whilst for large engine above 1.8L the Toyota Caldina offers a very healthy fuel consumption, particularly on long runs, it certainly competes with other similar models in it class. The importance of regular maintenance and service is important to keeping the fuel consumption at it is optimum levels.

Toyota Caldina Color Options

The available Toyota Caldina colour in Myanmar car market are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Gray
  • Light Blue
  • Silver
  • Pearl White
  • Green

Among them, the popular colour choice is white, black, silver and pearl white. The rest are pretty rare as most dealers would rather deal with the popular colour.

Toyota Caldina Dimensions

Overall dimension of Toyota Caldina:

  • Length : 4,510 mm (177.6 in)
  • Width : 1,740 mm (68.5 in)
  • Height : 1,445 mm (56.9 in)
  • Wheelbase : 2,700 mm (106.3in)

Alternatives to Toyota Caldina in Myanmar

The Toyota Caldina rivals models are:

Toyota Caldina Prices

According to their requirements their vehicle should be outfitted with good quality features. Honda Insight Price is very reasonable .You can easily buy this vehicle at an affordable price. We have a range of models from 2003 through to 2011 in Myanmar Market. And the price ranges are around 103 Lk Kyats to 240 Lk Kyats. Overall price of the Toyota Caldina Generation is fairly competitive when compared to other models in the same class available in the local market.

Toyota Caldina Most Recent Models for sales in Myanmar

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  • Toyota Caldina 2010 Model
  • Toyota Caldina 2009 Model
  • Toyota Caldina 2008 Model
  • Toyota Caldina 2007 Model
  • Toyota Caldina 2006 Model
  • Toyota Caldina 2005 Model
  • Toyota Caldina 2003 Model