Toyota Belta For Sale In Myanmar


Toyota Belta is basically the twin sedan version of Toyota Yaris hatchback (Also known as Toyota Vitz) and it is available with a Front wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive.The Belta started its production in November 2005. It is a redesigned version of the discontinued Toyota Platz sedan, and went on sale in Japan on November 28, 2005 equipped with 1.0- to 1.3-liter engines. The Toyota Belta has produced this vehicle brilliantly with complete good quality features. There are three grades for the Toyota Belta such as Business Package, X, XL and G. Business Package is also known as Taxi grade.

Key Features Review

Interior Design
Exterior Design
Safety Performance
Value for money

Toyota Belta Safety Review

All versions of the Toyota Belta come fitted with blind spot assist, intelligent parking assist, anti-fog lights, anti-collision radars, ABS and ESP, as well as driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags.

Toyota Belta Engine Specifications

The Toyota Belta had 3 different power trains and it was exported with 1.5 liter engine due to which the smaller engines were not available in many countries.

  • 1.0 liter (3 cylinder 996 cc)
  • 1.3 liter (4 cylinder 1296 cc)
  • 1.5 liter (4 cylinder 1497 cc)

The belta was available with a 4 speed automatic or Super CVT-i automatic transmission. A Super ECT transmission (Electronic control transmission) was also offered in better trims. In many other countries the Toyota Belta / Yaris sedan / Vios was also available with a 5 speed manual transmission.

Toyota Belta Interior and Exterior Design

The coupe-shape of the old Toyota Belta has been replaced by a Prius-esque silhouette on the newest version but the car still retains the old truncated rear in the name of aerodynamic efficiency. The Toyota Belta also gets blue-tinted headlamps to underline its eco-credentials, as well as an attractive grille.
The mid-range HS and HS-T Honda Insight models get slightly more equipment with 16-inch alloys, automatic wipers and lights as standard, as well as rear parking sensors, front fog lights and a USB socket. The range topping HX cars get Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a sat-nav system with traffic updates and voice recognition.
The features and specifications of Toyota Belta is mixed together to provide quality experience on the go. The exterior is made attractive enough with the Alloy Wheels, Roof Rail and lights. The Alloy Wheels provide indirect support to tires with designing that magically enhance look of the car. The Roof Rail work in a way that additional luggage is carried with ease with rail giving tough look by default. The headlights and taillights work together to illuminate road to a new level with night fogy drive facilitated.

Toyota Belta Color Options

The available Toyota Belta colour in Myanmar car market are:

Among them, the popular colour choice is silver and pearl white. The rest are pretty rare as most dealers would rather deal with the popular colour.

Toyota Belta Dimensions

Overall dimension of the Toyota Belta:

  • Length : 4,300 mm (169.3 in)
  • Width : 1,695 mm (66.7 in)
  • Height : 1,460 mm (57.5 in)
  • Wheelbase : 2,550 mm (100.4 in)

What makes you buy the Toyota Belta?

The most important Factor of buying a car is Fuel Consumption or Fuel Economy which saves you a lot of money in future if you buy an economical car. Moreover, it has the features of comfortable ride, handsome interior, liftback's available multifunction rear seat.

Weakness of Toyota Belta

However, the Toyota Belta has some weakness such acceleration-sapping automatic transmission, awkward seating position, centrally placed gauges.

Alternatives to Toyota Belta in Myanmar

The Toyota Belta rivals models are:

Toyota Belta Prices

According to their requirements their vehicle should be outfitted with good quality features. Toyota Belta Price is very reasonable .You can easily buy this vehicle at an affordable price. We have a range of models from 2006 through to 2012 in Myanmar Market. And the price ranges are around 97 Lk Kyats to 290 Lk Kyats. Overall price of the Toyota Belta Generation is fairly competitive when compared to other models in the same class available in the local market.

Toyota Belta Most Recent Models for sales in Myanmar

  • Toyota Belta 2012 Model
  • Toyota Belta 2011 Model
  • Toyota Belta 2010 Model
  • Toyota Belta 2009 Model
  • Toyota Belta 2008 Model
  • Toyota Belta 2007 Model
  • Toyota Belta 2006 Model