Hyundai Starex For Sale In Myanmar


First generation models were known in Europe as the Hyundai H-1 and as the Hyundai H200 from 1997 to 2007. For the second generation, Australian and UK market models are sold as the Hyundai iLoad (cargo version), in Australia as Hyundai iMax and the UK as Hyundai i800 (people mover versions) from 2007 to present. With a decent price and 10 seat capacity, the Starex won the hearts of many and became a massive success for Hyundai. Now called the Grand Starex, it retains the 10 to 12 seat configuration and has a more car-like interior and offers utility in spades. It is also one of the few vans in the market to offer a stability control system.

Key Features Review

Interior Design
Exterior Design
Safety Performance
Value for money

Hyundai Starex Safety Review

The Hyundai Starex is equipped with all the latest safety equipments:

For better crashworthiness, driver’s and passenger’s airbag is provided in new Grand Starex as option. They help keep the driver and passenger safely in position and minimize any likelihood of debris penetration to create an effective safety zone. Large and powerful disc brakes (16") are available on the rear wheels as well as those on the rear and front wheels. They provide the high level of stopping performance required when a wagon or van is fully laden. On slippery surfaces, the Anti-lock Braking System prevents the car from skidding; where the tire has less traction and contract patch is sliding relative to the road. The Electronic Stability Program can activate one or more individual brakes depending on which wheel can increase driving safety the most and control the throttle to lessen the speed at which the car is traveling.

Hyundai Starex Engine Specifications

The Hyundai Starex is available in 2.4 L Theta II I4 petrol, 2.5 L TCI I4 diesel and 2.5 L CRDI VGT I4 diesel engines. The car is available in both manual and automatic transmissions and you can choose the transmission according to your requirements. Transmissions available for this generation Corollas include 5- and 6-speed manual, as well as 4- and 5-speed automatic gearboxes. With its unique shape and powerful engine. Maximum power outputs range from the most “basic” 100/3800 ps/rpm. The Starex delivers excellent performance and fuel economy. For optimum weight distribution and dynamic balance, the front-mounted engine powers the rear wheels.

Hyundai Starex Interior Design

The Hyundai Starex is the correct answer when delivering people take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical, hard-working carrier. The layout means there is plenty of space for professional working equipment, sport gear or holiday luggage. Interior comfort and refinement of the type normally associated with passenger cars are complemented by full length side windows.

Hyundai Starex Exterior Design

The scene is typical of modern living. Hyundai Starex effortlessly whisks a group of colleagues – or perhaps old mates – from the city to the airport. The wagon is in its element in these circumstances, so easy to get into and out of. With nine or twelve seats, it has all the space needed by the travellers. The characteristic head lamp shape, gracefully flared into the bodywork, marks the Starex as a member of the Hyundai family. The lamp clusters wrap around the sides and group together the rear lights, reversing lights, direction indicators and reflectors. The wagon versions feature a pair of fog lamps, which are neatly blended into the lower section of the front bumper. Wheel sizes on the latest Grand Starex have increased. These light alloy wheels are an option to the standard steel wheel in most countries.

Hyundai Starex Color Options

The available Hyundai Starex colour in Myanmar car market are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Gold

Among them, the popular colour choice is white and silver. The rest are pretty rare as most dealers would rather deal with the popular colour.

Hyundai Starex Dimensions

Overall dimension of Hyundai Starex:

  • Length : 5,125 mm (201.8 in)
  • Width : 1,920 mm (75.6 in)
  • Height : 1,935 mm (76.2 in)
  • Wheelbase : 3,200 mm (126.0 in)

Hyundai Starex Prices

The Hyundai Starex does come in a range of different models and styles to match the budget of any buyer. We have a range of models from 2004 through to 2011 in Myanmar Market. And the price ranges are around 70 Lk Kyats to 230 Lk Kyats. Overall price of the Hyundai Starex Generation is fairly competitive when compared to other models in the same class available in the local market.

Alternatives to Hyundai Starex in Myanmar

The Hyundai Starex rivals models are:

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